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5 Signs of Trouble

There are approximately 750 components involved in an average size Residential installation and nearly 10,000 components for a Commercial installation. If not properly installed, each component is a potential failure point, creating higher electricity bills for homeowners and business owners.

The five most common signs of trouble we’ve had our Service Team assist with are water leaks, fire and shock hazards, damaged panels, corrosion, and lost communication for both Commercial and Residential systems.

First Sign

Water leaks occur around the edges of poorly installed mounting systems. The most effective way to avoid this is by using a water-resistant seal between the mounts and the roof surface called flashing. Our install teams use double flashing to ensure no water leaks into your home, preserving your investment.

Second Sign

Fire and shock hazards are present when wires hang on the surface of the roof. Exposed wires can become attractive chew toys for rodents and birds causing fire damages.

Wires may short circuit when they are pinched between the panels and racking causing the inverters to malfunction. To prevent these issues, we use metal wire clips, capable of withstanding continuous sunlight and heat, to fasten wires securely.

Third Sign

While the panels themselves are built to endure the elements, the most common damage done to panels are cracking and burning. Panels are similar to a windshield and can handle rain and even one inch hail. But if the neighborhood kid accidentally hits a home run onto your roof, the impact could severely crack the panels.

Panels can also fail if an exposed wire causes a small fire. Luckily, our Service Team can replace your modules so you continue to see savings.

Fourth Sign

Being so close to the ocean creates saltwater in the air and can lead to a corroded mounting system. Our Service Team will gladly replace your corroded mounting components with our sleek anodized rail, increasing resistance against corrosion, allowing for maximum production and longevity.

Fifth Sign

We often receive calls from homeowners and facility managers when the system loses connection and fails to communicate the system production. This happens when clients change internet providers or get a new routing system. We can have a Service Team en route to connect your installation and walk you through the monitoring system.

Our goal is to see every homeowner and business owner save money, no matter who you installed with. Call our Service Team today to get professional eyes on your system.


Independent Energy Solutions (IES) was great to work with.  I had an inverter failure on an existing solar system.  Other companies tried to sell me a whole new system.  IES found a reasonable solution in replacing the inverter.  Joseph was great to work with.  Will did an excellent job on the installation.  He was very knowledgeable and professional.  I highly recommend IES for solar repairs.


I needed my failed sunny boy inverter replaced and Independent Energy Solutions(IES)  was able to provide quick and professional repairs at a reasonable price.  I recommend IES for any residential solar repair needs you may have.


Joseph Heidlage and the team at Independent Energy Solutions are great – very reasonable pricing, no pressure, clean, thorough and prompt.  I had installed 90% of my system on my own and needed some help to finish out the details to ensure 100% compliance with local electrical codes.  They were happy to help with this and the price was great.


It was a real pleasure working with these guys. They are extremely knowledgeable and the customer service was great. They helped us with any questions or concerns we had through the entire process and we couldn’t be happier. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.


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