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Just a Few of Our Many Projects

San Diego – Rooftop Solar at Delawie Architecture & Design

Delawie is a leading sustainable architecture & design firm headquartered in San Diego. It was our pleasure to add this 40kW system of 110 modules to their beautifully remodeled office at the edge of Mission Bay.

Thank you Delawie for supporting solar and sustainability!

Ramona California – Utility Scale Solar Farm – SDG&E Project

This is the clean, quiet, and safe renewable energy farm IES recently completed for SDG&E. Over 4.5 Megawatts comprised of more than 15,000 modules – Providing renewable energy to our local communities.

We can help you take control of your energy future!

Monster Tool USA – Vista California – Solar Rooftop and Carports

Monster Tool USA makes the highest quality American carbide tools. Our innovative use of space the result is a 668 kW system composed of 2,104 SunPower modules – Maximum efficiency! Beautiful use of space!

Local roots with global experience. Energy is our Middle Name!

Independent Energy Solutions & Carport Solar Shade

A popular community park chose Independent Energy Solutions to address their growing energy needs. We designed and constructed over 15,000 sq. ft. of custom solar carports that generate over 250 kW of power.

Local roots with global experience. Energy is our Middle Name!

Independent Energy Solutions & MagnaFlow

MagnaFlow is a recognized leader in high performance automotive exhaust systems. It takes a huge amount of energy to power their 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Oceanside, California.

We designed and installed this 1 megawatt system with over 3,400 modules and 35 inverters in a highly customized configuration.

Custom homes deserve high quality solar, like this residence in Poway enjoying the benefits of our solar engineering and construction. We bring the same level of precision to your home that we use when providing solar energy solutions to Qualcomm, the U.S. Marines, the U.S. Navy, Pfizer, SDG&E, and many others.

Choosing Independent Energy Solutions as your solar energy provider brings you the experience, quality, and customer service that has made us a leader since 1998 right here in San Diego.

Vista Community Clinic (VCC) has joined the community of solar-powered organizations.

“The thousands of dollars we expect to save will go a long way to help us control costs and continue to offer high quality service for years to come,” said Michele Lambert, VCC’s Chief Financial Officer.

Thank you VCC for your support of local business!

We choose the highest quality components for our solar PV installation at this safety training center for the City of Carlsbad. With 352 SunPower modules totaling 115 kW.

When you want the longest life, highest production, and best warranties choose SunPower!

Independent Energy Solutions – Energy is our Middle Name

Happy 20th Anniversary Stone Brewing! IES installed 360kW of solar for the 60,000 sq. Ft. Stone packaging facility.

This was a complex and unique project that won the 2013 Solar Builder Project of the Year Award for Independent Energy Solutions.

Thank you Stone Brewing and we are looking forward to another 20-years of Stone fine IPA and Beer!


Solar Ground Mount – Vista California

Ground Mounted solar can maximize power generation, provide valuable shade cover, and relieve your rooftop from the added cost of working with a custom tile roof. You can also increase solar generation far beyond what a roof can carry. A bonus for homes on sloped lots or with available space not suitable for patios.

Just in time for the Holidays! FAA Palmdale California facility Solar Carports nearing completion. This is over 900kW of solar PV carports with over 3,000 SunPower high efficiency modules.

Solar carports are the best alternative when your rooftop is covered with radar equipment and antennas like this FAA facility. Carports reduce heat-island effect, increase property values, and provide a huge amount of renewable energy.

Thank you Federal Aviation Administration!


We are the new generation of American energy pioneers.

A long proud tradition of bringing renewable energy independence to businesses and homes since 1998. We invite you to explore the freedom of renewable energy and take control of your energy future.

Local Roots with Global Experience – Solar + Energy Storage Engineering & Construction

High Tech North County – A leader in education with a 9 acre campus and over 500 students.

We installed over 1,065 modules, spanning 3 buildings, including 2 custom solar carports, totaling 265kW.

Thank you High Tech High Schools for your support of renewable energy and for choosing IES as your renewable energy and solar engineering contractor!

FAA Miramar set a goal of becoming the most energy efficient FAA site in the California region.

Independent Energy Solutions delivered 6 custom structures with over 930 kW system with over 2,850 SunPower modules.

We focused on a minimalist design to promote long-term ease of care, and taking into consideration the location and design aesthetic of the existing TRACON Facility.

High Tech Elementary solar rooftop in progress.

Helping our local community control utility costs and manage budgets with solar power.

This is roof #2 of a 3 rooftop project helping High Tech public charter schools.

High Tech which draws upon the diversity of the San Diego North County region and providing exceptional education for tomorrows leaders.

Pacifica House is an established residential care facility that caters to the needs of our most relished and loved seniors. Independent Energy Solutions assisted Pacifica House in the critical balance of reducing costs and increasing patient comfort and care at a critical time in their lives.

We choose the highest quality components for our residential and commercial solar PV installations so you can count on a lifetime of clean energy. We stand behind our quality craftsmanship, engineering, and our warranties.

Independent Energy Solutions – Energy is our Middle Name

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